What to wear to go snow?

Hello everyone! How is it going? I hope you’re doing well

Today’s post is a bit different because I’m going to talk with you about fashion. Well, not fashion itself but telling and giving you my advices about what I wear to go snow.

As you may know, my favorites destinations for holidays are cold places, preferably in the mountains, and if possible, in the snow season. The clothes I wear during my mountain’s days vary according to the temperature and the activity I’m about to do.

Today I’m going to tell you what I wear to go to Cerro Catedral (Cathedral Hill) to enjoy a snowboard day. At the end of the post you will find the links to, if you like something, buy it. (BTW this post is not sponsored, I just recommend brands that worked for me and I love:))

(NOTE: if you are not going to snowboard/ski but you want to climb the hill or wallow in the snow I also recommend you to use especial clothes, because a wet body can really ruin your mountain day)

What do I use?

  1. Thermic t-shirt (Montagne). It’s made of a fabric that keeps the body warm while letting it breathe (because snowboarding is a sport, and as in all sports we sweat)
  2. Micro polar sweatshirt (Montagne). I think this sweatshirt is a daily basic even when you don’t think about going to the mountains. I usually wear it with casual looks (for college, for example) and I love it, is super warm and soft
  3. Snowboard jacket (Surfanic). I bought this jacket because I knew I was going to snowboard and needed something pro and resistant to make sure the snow was not going to get through the fabric. Tbh you can also rent something not so resistant if you are not going to do a winter sport.
    (NOTE: the model of the photo is from 2 years ago so obviously it is not for sale, but below I leave a link of a similar option, the same brand. BTW, if you like the model I wore, I have it for sale, so if you are interested send me an e-mail 😉)
  4. Snowboard trousers (Surfanic). Like the jacket, I bought the pants because I was going to snowboard. In fact, the first few days I rent the pants (in a cheap place, I clarify) and I had the bad luck that they let the water get through, so I decided to buy this one. Unlike the jacket, I recommend you to rent/buy the pants (try to find a good place, not super expensive but watch out) whether you are going to do a snow sport or not.
  5. Footwear. If I know I’m going to do snowboarding I’ll go with anything (converse, for example) because I know that to climb I’ll rent the snowboard boots and the board. Now, if you want a resistant footwear, I can recommend some good hiking boots with water column from Salomon: they are resistant to everything, warm, they hold well to the floor, are waterproof and usually last a lot. I have a pair from about three years ago, so they are not for sale anymore, but below I leave a similar option.
  6. Multifunctional neck beanie (Montagne). This thing rocks! You can wear it as a beanie, as a neck, as a headband… I recommend you to buy a polar neck and cover it with this multifunctional neck if it’s very cold, if not, with this stuff you’re ready to go
  7. Prehistoric wool beanie, gift from my mom 😂
  8. Bula goggles (model SKG28). This is up to you, truth to be told they aren’t very comfortable at first but for snowboarding I prefer them instead of sunglasses. If you feel more comfortable with sunglasses, use them (I recommend you to buy a pair with UV filter, snow is very harmful)


  1. http://bit.ly/2l9tGNo
  2. http://bit.ly/2lzoQtV
  3. http://bit.ly/2l4TIl8
  4. http://bit.ly/2kXPERt
  5. http://bit.ly/2lz6rxg
  6. http://bit.ly/2km7tru
  8. http://bit.ly/2l4O6r6

If you read up here, THANK YOU!

I know the post was long but I hope it was useful. If you have any questions, write me in the comments.



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